Internal Teeth Bleaching

What is Internal Teeth Bleaching?

Internal bleaching is a technique that is used to whiten the appearance of teeth. Unlike over-the-counter solutions that are used to whiten teeth, internal bleaching is conducted under the direction of a dentist. Because the treatment requires invasive action, it is important that a professional conduct the tooth bleaching in a controlled environment. 

How does Internal Teeth Bleaching work?

The process for an internal bleaching involves the insertion of a chemical oxidizing agent into the tooth. This is accomplished by drilling into the tooth using drills similar to those used for root canals. The agent is left in the tooth for up to two weeks, and then replaced with more chemicals until the tooth achieves the level of whiteness desired. Once the series of treatments are complete, the hole is filled, ensuring that foreign matter will not be able to invade the tooth and cause other problems. 

Not everyone is a candidate for internal bleaching. One of our doctors will evaluate the degree of staining and discoloration that is present. If we determine that the use of external bleaching treatments or over-the-counter products will achieve the results, he will not recommend an internal bleaching series.