Regenerative Procedures

Traditionally, when an immature tooth suffers root damage, we perform an apexification to harden the root end and close the canal. While effective, also means that the tooth’s root will not continue to develop. A new procedure, regenerative endodontics, might be available as an alternative. With regenerative endodontics, we instead revive or regenerate the tooth’s natural tissue so the root can continue growing.

Regenerative endodontics uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore the canals to a healthy state. The benefits of this method include continued root development and strengthened hard tissues to prevent potential fractures. Though tissue regeneration procedures are still in their infancy, studies suggest that “dead,” immature teeth are capable of regenerating pulp-like tissues that foster root development.

Our endodontists are committed to staying up to date with the latest endodontic treatments that allow us to provide conservative and lasting care. We’ll discuss your options during your initial consultation.

These recommendations are based on best available data at this time and should be one possible source of information used by clinicians to make treatment decisions. Moreover, given the rapid evolving nature of this field, clinicians should actively review new findings as they become available.